Waste recycling machines

The recycling of the process water from the fi nishing process does not only reduce the consumption of water (up to 98 %), but it also reduces the usage of compound (up to 90 %). In addition, it reduces the cost of waste disposal.

macchina centrifuga model ZM


The models ZM 03-ECO 1 and ZM 03-FL are characterized by their sturdy design and ease of operation. The sludge basket is removed and emptied manually. It has a capacity of 14 liters allowing the separation of up to 19 kg of sludge in one cycle. Both models are
equipped with a PLC for fully automatic operation including imbalance control and system run monitoring.


The fully automatic, PLC controlled models ZA 06 can clean up to 2,000 liters/h of contaminated process water from mass finishing operations. In preset time cycles the sludge deposited on the inner wall of the rotary drum is automatically peeled out and dumped
into a sludge container located below the drum. The modular design of the ZA model range offers multiple machine confi gurations allowing the ideal adaptation of the equipment to the specific customer requirements. These options include different dirty water
and process water tanks, water cooling systems, additional pump stations, various dosing systems, etc.

depuratore fisico chimico


Machines designed for the individual needs of the customer. Composed of a first sludge treatment station by means of a chimic-fisic system sludge separation. Subsequent sludge compaction step with filter press for lower concentration of water present in the waste.