Machines for colouring


The Rotamat technology for coating of small parts is a so-called “hot drum” system with the coating process taking place in a closed spraying chamber.
In this highly effi cient and cost effective system a batch of raw, uncoated work pieces is placed into a rotating drum located in a protective housing. One, respectively, two automatic spray guns are evenly applying the coating material on the work pieces, which are continuously tumbling over each other. The work pieces can be made of various plastic materials, elastomers, metals or wood. Water-based as well as solvent-based paints can be utilized in the Rotamat systems. It goes without saying that when solvent-based coating materials are
used, the legal corrosion protection requirements are fully met.
The required work piece temperature specifi ed for a given coating process is achieved by pre-fi ltered fresh air that is heated in a special heating unit and controlled by an IR sensor. The paint is applied with a minimum of overspray and dries quickly on the heated work pieces creating a visually highly homogeneous surface. Upon completion of the coating process the painted work pieces can be easily and quickly unloaded by mechanically tilting the drum downwards. They are immediately available for the next manufacturing stage without the
need for a post-drying step, for example, in an oven.